Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Who's caught the knitting bug?

An appropriate post only in that it's been surprisingly chilly around here these days, and so the wearing of woolly sweaters is actually somewhat waranted.

So, here E-marathoner (a.k.a. Professor Chipotle) and I happen to coincidentally be wearing our hand-knit sweaters at the same time in the same place. E-marathoner recently completed, this, her first, fantastic fuzzy sweater less than a month ago - amazingly so, as it was under my guidance. Mainly my guidance consisted of things like "it doesn't matter", "fuzzy yarn hides mistakes" and "knit however you want to, there's not really any strict WAY to knit, exactly...".
Let us all then bask in her wondrous knitting powers from neophyte-needler to custom sweater constructor and finder of fabulous yarns crafted of the softest materials imaginable.


Jakesdad said...

You both look HOT!!!! So why not take those incredibly warm sweaters off and send them to Calgary where the wind chill was -38 deg C a couple days ago.

Seriously though, I think the craftsmanship (craftswomanship?) is outstanding, well done ladies!

gnat said...

-38 deg C???? AAAAAAAHHH!!!! I SO do not miss that at all! Wow, the briskness I was feeling here this morning suddenly feels balmy!