Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Glass Blowing!

Here are two successful AND functional pieces that I have made thus far in glass blowing. (Others not pictured included shattered glass shards and a blob of glass.)
Both still need the "button" ground off the bottom from where they were attached to the "punte" (metal rod).

I somehow managed to include two additional bubbles in the clear glass, which I love because it looks like eyes.
The coloured one I had selected green and purple glass, but evidently the purple glass got completely absorbed into the green. This is just fine, as I figured the glass would be ugly and shatter as other things before it, so I had selected what I thought would be ugly colours. Luckily for me, the ugly colours didn't work out, and the glass did, so it's WAY better than planned. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

you sure got those pics up fast

Kilometres said...

hehe, it totally looks like eyes. That makes me happy. Hooray for glass blowing and making stuff. You remind me that I must post pictures of my paper wall! Yes, it's true, it's finally done!!

Anonymous said...

Love your glass blowing especially the green one! As for the dead animal foot - yuck! Be extremely careful with this leg hold trap. Glad to see you're cleaning out the ol' office, though.-Dave

Rock Buddy said...

I am VERY impressed!!!!!
You have a plethora of talents!

Jakesdad said...

Look at Miss Fancy Pants and all her hand crafting abilities. Actually I'm very impressed! I especially like the Green......jar?

You could fill it with Tequila, the green color could be your lime juice, and presto! One wicked Tequila Collins!