Thursday, February 23, 2006

Canadian Geologist in California Unearths Another Unique Find!

Or the headline would read something like that anyway. Cleaning up my office a tad more I uncovered reel-to-reel tape reels, and decided that we definitely didn't have any sort of machine to play them on, so they were going in the trash.

Under that box was another box, inside of which was an animal trap. The kind that trappers use in the Canadian wilderness - the kind that snaps shut on an animal foot and the animal chews its own paw off to escape? Yes, that kind. Big, rusty metal animal trap in my office. So I pick it up by its chain and carry it over to show Mr Geography (my office mate), who says in response to my "what the hell is this?" "ew! get that out of here!".

Shortly thereafter, as I'm swinging it at arms length, I notice it actually still has a foot in it. Some poor unfortunate fox or bobcat or something, which really makes the thing revolting.

I wasn't sure where it ranked on the "mummified arm" "rat fetus" scale of things previously found in my office. It's worse than the fetuses because they were enclose in a jar, but how does it rank against the mummified arm?


Josh said...

My urgent advice to you: do not open the box underneath that one.

Kilometres said...

Sweet CORN! What kind of serial killer operation did they have going on in your office before you busted in. There's a never ending supply of fun going on in there that's for sure. Were you hired because the person before you was locked up for inhuman acts? I think you were and they're just not telling you.

I must admit I would have liked the story better had the tiny animal food lodged in the trap suddenly come free and hit someone. Perhaps in the face, perhaps not.

And on the plus side... haven't you just found a new free chew toy for Kiki? He'll love it! Mmmmmm foxpaw.

Rock Buddy said...

How come you get all the cool gross stuff in your office?
None of my dead stuff still has flesh on it except the snake!
I cry Foul!