Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Freaks and Geeks

The bulk of our beach house weekend was spent wrapped in blankets on the deck observing the characters parading by us on the "boardwalk" (not a boardwalk, no boards - a "promenade" then...).

Unfortunately I was TERRIBLE about having my camera on hand when someone of interest wandered by. I did, however, have it with me when people who were "normal" came by, and just wasn't fun. The only character I was able to capture, and badly at that, was "old-fashioned-bike-guy". Here he is:
  • Otherwise we also saw "snake-man", who rode a beach cruiser casually by with a python draped over his shoulders.
  • We saw "pumpkin-head", who wore an actual pumpkin on his head all day Friday, walking back and forth. It was the same guy. Later some of the girls noted him "sharing" the pumpkin head with someone uncertainly, and only for a second, as he virtually ripped it off the other guy's head to put it back on his own. It must've smelled... NASTY... in there. EWWW!
  • We saw "slo-mo" - this older guy who skated by with long, unfathomably slow strides. What was really pathetic is that as slow as he moved, it was still faster than it took me to run and get my camera.
  • We saw "flag-guy" - this older guy with horribly long wavey hair wearing an animal print thong and a camouflage bandana and camouflage paint strategically placed on his body so as NOT to hide anything one might actually want it to hide. He was roller blading by, quickly, doing pirhouettes and showing off. Oh, I'm sorry, I missed something there: ...and showing off... THE US FLAG STICKING OUT OF HIS ASS

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Kilometres said...

Gwar? So the rumours are true... the warmth attracts the crazies.

I'm very sad that there isn't more photo evidence of them, but I do enjoy the mental pictures I was able to create from your descriptions.