Thursday, November 23, 2006

Return of the Sand Dunes

After the rte. 66 stops and the trilobite hunting, TFF, BEG, Bird Nerd and I piled back in Old Faithful (my car) to "go for gold" and "summit" the highest of the Kelso Dunes. Oh, and also make them make sounds. And record the sounds. And take more jumping photos.

The summit is off to the left
And doesn't appear to be getting any closer

Sometimes looking like we were walking into infinity

A little rest at the top

Great air! (Flying frog pose?)

BEG's nighttime jumping photo looks a little bizarre with invisible knees and a golden sunset

A short clip of the dune making some sound with Duncan jumping on it (it was night... no picture in either video)

A longer clip of the dune making noises as we all jumped our way down it - partially obscured by my wheezing (had a stupid cold this whole time I had visitors), partially obscured by me and TFF giggling, and a few other comments on the way down...

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Kilometres said...

The no-video video to this is just great. I forgot about it. I love the wheezing your voice makes. It was very entertaining.