Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hearst Castle

When Brown Eyed Girl (BEG) came to visit the first order of operation was to head out to the coast. I planned us a tour of Hearst Castle, where there are rumoured to be zebras.

En route we stopped at Lost Hills for BEG to be surrounded by the full force of donkey pumpjacks, and she took a little 360 video to remember it by (above).

Anyway, we were nearly there when I was explaining the zebra rumour, and literrally half a second later I screached to a halt, distributing heart attacks all around, because... yeah... they're not a rumour. In this picture you can see us, the zebras, and up on the hilltop - Hearst Castle.

On the way back from the castle we saw the zebras again, they had migrated somewhat and were now comically placed grazing with some cows. I thought it was incredibly cute!

After some lunch we headed back to the smog and drove by an awesome view of the coastal fog filling in a valley. It seemed as good a spot as any for some jumping photos - we think this series is particularly cute (had some difficulty with timing!).


Dawn said...

Yes, about that video. Everything in the distance that you can only sort of see - that's all pump jacks too. And anything that looks like maybe a tree - oh, is that a tree in the distance? No. It is also a pump jack. Pump jacks as far as the eye can see...

Kilometres said...

I enjoyed the jumping photo "making of" series here. Very nice.

Also... Zebras? What!?

gnat said...

I know!!! Zebras! So awesome!