Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Homecoming Float

Co-advising the engineering club this year has allowed for certain extremely fun, although time-consuming, activities. Every year for homecoming there is a theme and a parade during half-time at the football game. The theme this year was "A Cultural Cocktail" and after one of the students suggested engineering feats around the world, I planted the idea in their head that we needed to construct a giant globe with the structures attached, that rotates. We succeeded! And won 1st place with the float also.

Can you name the 9 structures that we built on there?

Please excuse Richard's complete lack of video skills below, but at least you can see the globe rotating, and you can also see the t-shirt guns in action.


Heather said...

Wow. I've just got to say it- engineers are such over-achievers. That looks fantastic. And somehow the whole idea just screams USA to me. A big truck, loudspeaker, football field...where were the cheerleaders?

jakesdad said...


I'm afraid I failed you miserably.

During your summer stint at AEC did I not tell you over and over again that Geologists and Engineers are mortal enemies?

We are the proud, majestic Lion, and the lowly engineer is the cowering, ugly spotted Hyena, trying to steal shreds of our accomplishments and claim them for themselves.

I commend you for trying to "build bridges" (I hope the Golden Gate was on your globe) with the enemy. But truthfully Nat, it's a battle that has waged and will continue on for all time.

And to answer Heather's comment, the cheerleaders probably popped out of the Giant Globe at the Kegger the Engineers and Football team had at the end of the game.

(Nice work by the way, it looks exceptionally cool, and deservant of the victory)

Kilometres said...

I'm in awe! How is it that engineers can claim to be so aganist creativity and art and then make something so cool?

What were the structures by the way, I can't discern them all.

Kilometres said...

Oh wait, I should at least try shouldn't I?

The eiffel tower
The pyramids
MIR (awesome!)
CN tower
Hanging Gardens at Babylon?
Sydney Opera House
Twin Towers in Kuala Lampur

gnat said...

hanging gardens = inca pyramid
there was also the Tehachapi Loop (local train engineering feat) and the great wall of China