Friday, November 24, 2006

Las Vegas Wedding

Following the coastal and desert adventures, I had one day of "work" (for which BEG was my guest lecturer) - that also ended at 10pm. During that night class the Fly Fisherman zipped out to take BEG to the bus station and after that class Duncan and I began the trek to Vegas.

The Fly Fisherman (TFF) thankfully did most of the driving, I was just physically capable anymore! We arrived at Bally's in Vegas around 3am, checked in, and found our room. TFF wanted to look around a bit, never having been to Vegas before. So... while I photographed the $4.50 bottle of water in our bathroom, he IRONED HIS JEANS for us to go out.

We found ourselves at one of the bars in Ceasar's Palace around 3:30am and settled down for a deliciously minty Mojito. Eventually making it to bed at 5:30am, just as BEG would have been checking in for her flight in LA.

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