Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hearst Castle Scenes

Hearst Castle is the only estate built from the ground up by media mogul W.R. Hearst. There's a lot to see there and below is just a teaser. The estate consists of gardens, wild open, the remains of the zoo he had (see zebras below), an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, 3 guest "houses" and a main "house". I use the term "house" loosely as that is what he used, but they are clearly guest mansions and a main castle...

The Neptune Pool (outdoor) - check out that view!!! I would love to swim in that pool. 3 feet deep at the shallow end, 7.5 feet deep at the deep end.

Yeah... who knew they made ball caps now. The front read "King of Kings, Sweet Saviour". I couldn't photograph that because it would've been obvious.

W.R. Hearst collect antiquities from estate sales after the war to construct his place around. He had floors, ceilings, windows, window frames, church pews, doors, door frames, fire places, statues, etc. from all over the world and his genius architect, Julia Morgan (1st female architect), had to continually change contruction plans to accomodate these items. Here is a Roman floor mosaic.

This is the indoor pool, the Roman Pool, it is mosaic tiled floor to ceiling with Italian glass tiles. The gold ones are actual gold leaf inside the glass tiles. This pool is 10 feet deep everywhere except the "nook" in the center of the photograph (behind the diving platform) which is 4 feet deep.

Pomegranate trees at the front walk (heading up to the entrance).

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