Friday, January 25, 2013

Antarctic Adventures - Deception Island - South Shetlands

Deception Island is a volcano that most recently erupted in 1969. Immediately prior to that eruption, it was home to a British base for research and "strategic positioning". Prior to that, it was a whaling station (of course). I bet you can't guess what caused the destruction here...

Day 16:
On Deception Isle the wind did blow
While we explored the pyroclastic flow
Went for a polar swim
On a geothermal whim
What a wild day, what a volcano!

Chinstraps on steaming cinder beach, British base (ghost "town") in the background

British base remnants, volcanic background

Pyroclastic flow, sweet blocks, lapilli & cinders lodged in this tuff!

Pretty sweet glassy pahoehoe core in this scoria block (also didn't take this home with me... sigh)

Whaling station "water boat" - possibly was used to cart fresh water out to the whaling ships that operated on steam

Most ridiculously unbelievable thing I have done (possibly) - while the sand was steaming, let's just keep in mind the fact that the air temp was freezing and the water temp was 1ºC, so the 16ºC sand was warm by comparison... but not THAT warm... Also, winds happened to be blowing 50-60 kph.

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