Thursday, January 24, 2013

Antarctic Adventures - South Georgia - Godthul

I suffered "land-sickness" on this day, so on account of that, I don't have much in the way of visuals. Some of us hiked from Godthul to Sandebugten, in places tracing the contact of the Cumberland Bay turbidites with the Sandbugten turbidites. In the afternoon we went to Gryviken, another old whaling station (the last one operating actually), which is now part of a British Antarctic Survey base/research station. We were there January 5th, which happens to be the day that Shackleton died 91 years ago, so we gave a toast at his grave.

Day 8:
Around we went to Cumberland Bay
Avoiding the icebergs in our way
We honored the brave
At Shackleton's grave
Ninety-first "death-iversary" day

Gentoo penguin chicks are pretty much the cutest things ever (more evidence of this to come)

Pretty nice view of isoclinal folds in the Sandebugten turbidites

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