Thursday, January 24, 2013

Antarctic Adventures - South Georgia - King Haakon Bay

From the Falklands we took 2 days at sea to get to South Georgia. Our first landing was at King Haakon Bay, which is where Shackleton began the on-land part of his epic self-rescue from his most famous Antarctic expedition.

Day 5:
On we went to Peggotty Bluff
Greywackes, moraines - that kind of stuff
King penguins galore
Striations and more
Then left when fur seals barked "enough!"

Jumping over Peggotty Bluff

King penguin not looking majestic (difficult shot to get) - possibly looking disdainfully at the poo blob on the ground

Freaking fabulous erratic perched atop a gloriously glacially striated outcrop of greywacke (also note the moss that is growing in the fractures!)

Fur seal, as ugly and vicious looking as it should be portrayed, 'cause those suckers are aggressive and angry and out for revenge on humans for all the seal hunting that went on last century. Seriously. These are some rage-filled terror beasts.

Fur seal pup - cute, but vicious. Rage-training begins at birth with these guys, as does the trickery (a la "Madagascar Penguins" cute and cuddly, boys, cute and cuddly!)

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