Friday, January 25, 2013

Antarctic Adventures - King George Island & Hope Bay

King George Island was a "where can we land for just a little bit to please please please get a break from being on this ship" stop.

Day 14:
Stormy swells, sea ice and rain
Caused us to detour again
The Brazilian base
Was a haunted place
Where whale bones, among wreckage, were lain

Whale vertebrae make good chairs

The following day we set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula at Esperanza (Hope Bay), which is a base that the Argentines operate year round in an attempt to "colonize" Antarctica. They get married and have babies there. Yes, they do.

Day 15:
At Esperanza we arrived
To Adelies in 4-wheel drive
A hike near Mt. Flora
On the peninsula
Then a passage, through pack ice, survived

Icebergs are neat

Jellyfish? What? Why? How?

Really cool erratic with a fault perpendicular to bedding

Totally freaking awesome plant fossils that I didn't take for fear of Argentinian jail

Adelie penguins refusing to give me a hug

 Adelie penguins in "4-wheel drive"

A rainbow in a cloud

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