Thursday, January 24, 2013

Antarctic Adventures - Elephant Island - Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout was a spectacular geologic dream. Gorgeous metamorphic rocks, gorgeous glacial striations, cute penguins doing cute things, till littered with perfect hand samples of gorgeous metamorphic features that we were not supposed to take home. Dream? Oh wait, nightmare!

Day 13:
In search of the elusive blueschist
We found an abundance of poo-schist
Chinstraps and Macaronis
Gentoos and an Adelie
And then serpentinite with a twist

Red band is garnetiferous-chert, if you will!

Hot damn! Those are some sexy folds!

Hey, it's the elusive blueschist!

Yes, I AM the only Adelie penguin kicking around here. What's it to ya?

A Chinstrap penguin pulling off the "cute and cuddly" mantra of the Penguins of Madagascar

Evidence that Gentoo penguin chicks are the cutest things ever. Yes, that one is parked on top of an elephant seal.

Just in case you needed more evidence of cuteness, Gentoo chicks take naps on their bellies on rocks, and even snore a little. If you don't think they are the cutest things ever, you have no soul. "Greenschist is comfy!"

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