Thursday, January 24, 2013

Antarctic Adventures - Falkland Islands

I went on the GSA 125th anniversary trip to the Scotia Arc and Antarctica, and tried to make a limerick of sorts for each day... I'll include those along with my favourite photos for each day's post.

Day 1:
The Falklands are pelted with rain
And cruise ship tourists again
Among penguins and sheep
Are the stone runs that creep
And drove Charles Darwin insane

Day 2:
Penguins that hop on the rocks
And rain soaking through to our socks
But cookies and tea
Sound good to me
While the ellies are lounging in flocks

("Ellies" is the nickname for elephant seals, later we determined that they lounged in "wallows", but I left it as "flocks" because that rhymes...)

Stone runs - of Charles Darwin fame

Chips - did not taste good or like either of the flavours they proclaimed to be

Magellanic (burrowing) penguins among tussac grass that we would learn to fear and respect

Rock Hopper penguins hopping among rocks that display 3 directions of jointing beautifully

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