Monday, October 23, 2006

54 students and a limo...

The group standing on the North American Plate (by the bridge to cross to the Pacific Plate).

This weekend I ran another field trip out to Parkfield with a fossil collecting stop in Avenal.
I had 66 students sign up for it.
Luckily, only 54 showed up... Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Among those 54 I had "that" guy - you know, the guy who doesn't follow the directions and gets lost? Yup, him - that delayed things.
I also had speedy guy - who got a ticket between fossils and fault (never made it to fault).

And I had limo guy - with limo breaking down on the way home.
All in all, I'd say it went really well.

The creek running along the San Andreas Fault at Parkfield.

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Cam said...

Hey N--S--k,

Thanks for the post card and being the only person to comment so far on our nascent blog.