Monday, October 02, 2006

Inspired by the bunnies

Well I figure if someone somewhere is making a video of their cute little bunnies eating, then I can make a video of my giant cat choking down his special giant-size tooth-cleaning kibbles (clearly not working for him) while also purring.

Some of you may remember having seen this before - live.
No, I do not starve my cat.


the taskmaster said...


what else is there to say?


gnat said...

Sadly, I come to think of this as normal eating fare for him... you see, when I went to add the extra half scoop of food, he wouldn't let me near the bowl. Then I remember that he's supposed to be a CAT, not a DOG... his eating habits leave something to be desired in the manners department.

Kilometres said...

Hehe. It was worth it all for the ending. I loved how he went and batted that last piece and then looked behind and was like, "oooooh! There's one more kibble in there. I think I'll just swoop in and HARANCH!"

Poor Poor Kiki. If only he could get enough food in a day to be sated...