Thursday, October 26, 2006

THIS Hallowe'en -

This year Kiki is going as a tiger.

I figured out the secret to creating a kitty costume that kitties can walk in - AND that takes all of 5 minutes to make. Pinking shears + fleece = no hemming. Jacket style = no sewing, AND freedom of movement for kitty.

Also it makes me laugh a lot.
What's sad is how it's better than my costume (again).

Kiki thinks it's a sweet pimpin' coat. His ample fur even gives the illusion of a fur collar on it. Now he's the "man of the town" - you can tell by the way he's lounging.

p.s. I'm working on a fabric collection and design to make this small-scale marketable for people who would actually buy this sort of thing for their cat. I have been informed that such people are called "Americans". I have even thought of a name for the "line" of "clothing" and other design options...


bek said...

Wow Kiki sure is stylin! Mooks & Kali are totally jealous... although Kali will soon (hopefully) be getting a new sweater that i'm knitting!

Kilometres said...

I love it... "Americans"

I'm dying!

*waves hello to Kiki*
"Listen man, I know you work the gay angle, so if you feel the need to share some of your spoils, send 'em this way... Rrrrroaawwwwrrrr"

... Did I just embarrass myself there?