Monday, October 16, 2006

Volkslauf: The Ultimate Challenge

Texas Gal and I, still warm, clean and dry, naively anticipate the unknown...

Texas Gal, 24th St Cafe Girl, her BF (Captain Kindness), and his bro EMTim all joined me on a Saturday morning of craziness. It is affectionately known as the "mud run".

This weekend I ran in Volkslauf, which in summary, is a military-run obstacle course race.
It was hard. It was fun. I laughed. I nearly cried. I bashed and banged and ran and climbed and crawled and slogged my way through. Not surprisingly all my muscles hurt and my legs are completely covered in bruises (although they don't photograph well through the tan).
I came in 6th in my age group, 59th out of 261 overall who did the 5K. I did it in about 50min - which is about twice as long as it takes me to do a 5K, but then again... this one DID have 55 obstacles - and hardly any running!

Texas Gal gets down and dirty. Look at that goo!!!

He teaches physics in my department at BC!!! (Did 10K)

24th St Cafe pushes through the pain.

Captain Kindness pulls through to 19th overall (10K) with smiles and good wishes.

More photos - real ones, not stolen thumbnail proofs, are coming eventually.


Texas Gal said...

great pictures, so glad the "proofs" came out. Now that I have had some time to absorb the Volkslauf, I will admit it was kinda fun, and might even consider doing it again.

Kilometres said...

Okay you're officially having far too many adventures without me. I'm not sure if I'll be able to forgive you if you continue with this. That race look flat out insane. Good for you for pushing yourself in new and interesting ways. I wich I could have seen it all... maybe even partcipated!

(And nice finish!)