Thursday, October 19, 2006

Random e-mail spam...

In my hotmail inbox I found this treasure...

From: Nathan K Glessing
Sent: October 19, 2006 1:33:56 AM
Subject: i think i found you
Dear Bratalie,

Thank you for the call. It was one of the two times in the last 6 months
that I did not have my phone with me. April has indeed written you, but
she had a little trouble with your address (something about spelling,)
and the messages were returned. I'm sending this behind April's back to
see if I have the address correct. I smart.
You are really missing out on a lot. I just spent 16 hours sanding my
floors. Tomorrow I might even varnish them. Don't even try to top that.
I'm sure April will write you in the morning.
Here's your homework: 6 scriptural reasons why christians don't smoke --
in Spanish. If you come up with 7 you get a prize.

Love, Nathan
There is nothing attached - no viruses. There is nothing being sold. No bank account info requested. None of that... It could almost be taken as an e-mail that was misdirected. ALMOST... Except that NOONE is named "Bratalie" - or are they?

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Kilometres said...

May I say that I'm insanely of this letter? I read it earlier and just about lost it.

It simply has to be for you. Who else would know that you love writing scripture in Spanish?

I suggest the course of action we all know you want to follow up with. Reply with a more random email. Perhaps one that is needlessly detailed on which sections of the scripture you are drawing from? Pretend you know an April. Ask if the baby is coming soon, how her oil painting sales are doing now that she's been discovered on ebay... that sort of thing.

When something like this happens, embrace it. I know you want to!