Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Say WHAT now?

In contemplating an appropriate reply to the random e-mail spam I received not too long ago, it seems Nathan, my correspondent, has decided to send me some more news:

From : Nathan K Glessing
Sent : October 26, 2006 12:37:10 AM
To :,
Subject : we luv you baby!

HI Natlie in Ecuador!
Sorry I haven’t written . My computer hasn’t been hooked up to the
phone, but I am now.
I got you a pair of water shoes at Wal-Mart for $1! They are pink and
We have some exciting news that we will tell you about in 4 - 6 weeks.
Can’t tell you yet.
Nobody knows that there is even any news. Actually we don’t even know if
there will be any news to tell you then. But if there isn’t I will tell you what this
was all about anyway.
We heard that Levi is loving MTS. What a nice article on MTS in our
recent Watchtower.
WE got the new video from a couple that just started Gilead. It is so
outstanding. It makes you so proud of our organization. I took it up to the hospital for
Grandma and Grandpa to watch. Grandma wanted to take it from me.
Our kitchen is about complete. Nathan got arch -happy and put one in
above the sink.
I have a Lao talk tomorow night with Arliss, if she doesn’t skip out on
We had a study with the crew tonight. Stan and Donna’s son cooked for
us. super goood! Saute’ garlic, chicken in butter. Add heavy whipping cream and
heat to boil for a while, stirring. Then add in diced parsley. next add cooked fettuchini
noodles. stirring.
Once the cream starts to stick to the noodles, add some parmessan
cheese. stir. serve and eat! I think it’s fettuchini alfredo.
We are doing well. Working our tails off trying to get our kitchen done.
We had a guest over for the weekend from Duluth. She says she’s moving here in Jan- mar
sometime. She loved the cong.
That’s all for now. Love you much and be have! Be careful , please and
watch your alone time with people of the opposite sex. You remember what you told
me before you left about your weaknesses. I love you and don’t want to see you
marrying someone you might not have wanted to just because you got too close to them.. I’m
not saying you are, but remember your weaknesses and warnings from your caring sister and
We love you and hope you are well and having a blast!
Love April and Nathan.
It's ... interesting.
Apparently I have a tendency to marry people on a whim.

I'm not sure what to say, but it's the most interesting spam I've ever gotten.


Josh said...

Their 'organization' gives me the creeps.

gnat said...

oh THAT's for sure!

Heather said...

Oh my. I'm just left here wide-eyed, giggling and speechless.
Good luck getting off THAT mailing list. You be careful, now!

Kilometres said...

Does that mean you married someone and didn't tell us?

Since when did your sister's name become April? Did she change it? If she did, she has yet to share this information with me.

I can't stand how awesome this is. It's like a celebration of awesome, and I'm pretty happy that you decided to share that celebration with us.

Keep 'em coming.

p.s. Your sister has joined the "Witness" program if you catch my meaning. There are several telling clues in the text; you spotted the giveaways about who the organization is didn't you?

Kilometres said...

Okay, sorry. I just think this is so fantastic I had to comment again. Carry on.