Thursday, October 05, 2006

More class sandwiches

This week in geology I covered metamorphism, and based on the previous week's sandwich success story, I obviously had to do it again.

I brought an iron into class, and thought long and hard about materials to use in the sandwich to create an interesting metamorphic story (that would be much less messy than last week's sticky finger incident). Ingredients? Wheat bread - limestone, cheap-o (and not good tasting) brie - hydrated clay layer, arugula - peat bog (to morph into coal!), cranberries - mammoths (yes, mammoths), more bread - sandstone.

The end product told the story very well, we used all three agents of metamorphism, but the sandwich didn't taste great - mental note: arugula, while divine in a salad, is significantly less good in a sandwich.

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Josh and Heather said...

Aren't they just cute little learners.