Monday, July 31, 2006

Bizarreness at the campsite

There was a whole lot of randomness at the site. I feel as though this picture sums it up. I am holding a parrot at a campground. Yes I am. I ran after parrot lady with my camera mid-beer. E-marathoner thought it was hilarious. I thought it was awesome.

Other good random things include:
  • Guy walking around in his boxers holding his slacks (they really appeared to be dress slacks) folded neatly over his arm.
  • Family stalking campsite across the way with walkie-talkies, driving around in circles exchanging mother and son while communicating on the walkie-talkies, being followed by another group wanting the same site, who followed them driving in circles - eventually neither group took it.
  • Group next site over having major language/communication barrier and parking their van in super soft earth, requiring multiple hands and a real truck to assist in getting it un-stuck.
  • Guy scratching his ass endlessly right in our line of sight.
  • People having brought their pet menagerie with them (including budgie, mini rat-dog things, and a cat - who brings a cat camping? well, for that matter... who brings a budgie? or a parrot, really...)
  • People bringing a U-Haul to cart around their camping gear (we saw SEVERAL U-Haul campers) which appears to include a dining tent, sleeping tent (apparently with multiple chambers), showering tent and food preparation tent...

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Kilometres said...

Well by the sounds of it, who wouldn't bring a Uhaul camping tent. I don't think you can buy tents that are that elaborate. Trust Uhaul, for all your hauling and now camping needs.

And: A Parrot!? That's officially off the charts. I can't handle that it landed on you and you were fortuitious enough to get a picture. Well done!