Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Coffee coffee everywhere

And so, by "popular" request (Kilometers, your one request is equal to popular vote in my books!): Where to get fabulous coffee.

Coffee Tasting #1 (at my house, not documented, because I'm a bad, bad blogger) featured organic shade-grown goodness from BAREFOOT COFFEE ROASTERS (my absolulte favourite is the Sweetness espresso) as well as a few bizarre selections (such as Chili coffee) from Z-Coffee. Be sure to check out Barefoot's travel French-press mug. So awesome.

Coffee Tasting #2 (poorly documented below) featured coffees from the Utah-based (who knew???) SALT LAKE ROASTING COMPANY, favourites including Ethiopian Longberry and Bolivian.

Coffee in Costa Rica - Cafe Britt (home of the volcano grown coffee "Poas" and another organic shade-grown variety) and divine peaberry from Doka Estate.

I get my normal everyday fabulous coffee from ILLY. Oh Italian coffee, you are so good. But I intend to mix it up a little now that I've expanded my coffee snobbery to include the above.

Scone recipes coming soon. Those of you who know me know that "recipe" isn't necessarily something that one follows directions of... So I'll need to rummage around the kitchen a bit to figure out how I made blue scones again.


pringles said...

Hey Nat! Even though I don't like the taste of coffee, I really enjoy the smell, and I'm sure the place was very odoriferous while you were doing your test. Very cool - glad it went well. Enjoyed the posts from Costa Rica - glad you had fun.
No need for Starbucks - just go to Nat's house! \o/

Kilometres said...

You're too good to me!