Monday, July 17, 2006

Knitting update

Summer sweater - knit of this awesome consistency cotton-microfiber mix. Light, quick to knit up, super soft... So fun I'm using it again immediately in a much slower going project.

Here's a close up of that sweater. It was perfect for Costa Rica evenings, which really pushed me to knit it up in time to bring with!

Two purses knit out of (left) recycled sari woven into yarn and (right) sari ribbon. The ribbon certainly has a lot more structure to it.

As I expand my knitting stash, I am also working on an entourage of new knitters - which is most fun. At first my knitting night was just me... but now we are four! Hooray!
Here are a couple of projects that I finished some time ago, but neglected to post.


bek said...

Hey Gnat! Awesome knitted stuff! What's the name of the yarn you used for the sweater? Knitting circle's have been a bit disorganized around here lately with summer... but i'm crocheting wedding sandals!

gnat said...

Hey Bek! Crocheting wedding sandals that is SO COOL! The sweater yarn that I love, and I can't believe that I didn't list the name of, is GGH's "Bali".
They make a bunch of great lightweight yarn that I just adore. Rowan makes some similar yarn, but here it's almost twice the price of GGH!!!

Kilometres said...

Are there pictures of you with the sweater on?

As my mother would say, it looks just like you!

Also, you need to make more purses and sell them so the fun can be shared. Look how great those are!

gnat said...

The next craft project is a "twister" bedspread. How awesome is that? Fleece all the way baby.