Monday, July 31, 2006

Camping in King's Canyon!

On the road up, stopped in Orange Cove (pop. 9) for some 40 cent mystery pastries.

E-marathoner and I stop for a photo-op at higher elevation (enjoying a cool breeze)

A Stellar's Jay investigates our site (I'm sure it met with its approval despite our not sharing our PB)

The river behind seems to not merit such a drastic sign...

First dinner - couscous and veg and some Irish Cider. Followed by s'mores.

Texas Gal joined us the next day (she has one of these "real" jobs that doesn't allow the summer off for jaunting around) and made for a super-fun, dirty, grimy, silly, knitty, smokey, ashey, girly camping weekend.

1 comment:

Kilometres said...

Think about your actions?

Shouldn't that be an "!" after that? Are they asking you or telling you to think about your actions.

You know you could think about your actions... if you want. I mean, it's only death by slippery rock. Nothing too serious.