Monday, July 03, 2006

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Cute, self-explanatory, but cute...

It was the pictures of food items that I enjoyed on this sign.

Sign at Jaco Beach - biggest party beach in Costa Rica.

Sign at Volcan Poas on the side of the viewing platform... I disobeyed.

Sign at the pool at Jaco Beach Hotel.

I guess it's spreading far and wide!

1 comment:

Kilometres said...

Is the first sign to prohibit mooning the crocodiles because it makes them giggle like school girls? That's what it indicates to me anyway.

Alcholic and don't speak English? Find help elsewhere please and thank you.

Why is picture taking hyphenated?

I'm loving the intimate acts sign. You know you are having too many people have sex in your pool when...

I'm confused as to why the scientology sign has a crucifix when they don't believe in Christ. Are they just appropriating the symbol to stand for Tom Cruise and all his holiness. I mean I'm aware of Scientologist's substitution of "Tom Cruise" for "God Bless You," but this may be going too far. Oh wait, it's scientology, it can't go too far. Too far is what it does!

That is all.