Sunday, July 23, 2006

Presenting: FISH EYEBALLS!

Veggies ready to pile on the grill.

Emarathoner peruses the recipe in question.

Hot Hands pours dressing on the summery avocado salad.

BMW and Xtreme Chef relax on the couch.

An xtreme close up shot of my thighs... I find this photo funny!

But - this is the reason we are here! Tonight we BBQ a whole fish! A rock cod at that. Here it is in all its fresh saran-wrapped glory. I was too intriqued to be disgusted.

Xtreme Chef lays the fish out to begin BBQing. As it cooked it quickly developed cataracts...Note cataract development... We debated, and as the eye continued to cloud - we determined it to be glaucoma in actuality.

Look at this spread! Fantastic! After going blind, the rock cod reached out with one last grasp for help by raising his fin into the air. Then once he was plated one of his eyeballs rolled out. No one would eat it.

On the note of eyeballs. A dirty gin and tonic, and delicious at that! Who would've thought to fire a bunch of eyeball-like green olives in a G&T?


jakesdad said...


As a male reader/viewer of your blog, I can honestly say the Gratuitous, or non-gratuitous showing of lady thigh, would never ever be thought of as "funny". It should be a requirement really.

Besides, those babies powered you to a great Triatholon finish!

jakesdad said...

After seeing the close up of the Rock Cod's slowly roasted eyeball, I'm not surprised that no one wanted to eat it.

That's the second grossest thing I've ever seen.

The first was the greasy chicken soup Dad made for me one Sunday morning after getting really drunk. Not only was it greasy, but the bowl I was served still had the Chicken head in it, beak and all.

I'll never forget that day, because I also remember it was the day my Sister's pet pidgeon Chico "flew away from home".

Kilometres said...

Jakesdad: ewwww!

Gnat:I find it hard to feel sorry for the cod. If it was unwilling to help itself then what more can we do? The only answer I see is to eat it.
re eyeballs: You were correct in avoiding them. Eyeballs can't possibly ever be a good thing.
re G&T: Duly noted. I will try this next time I have one.
re the vegetables: What are the long skinny things ochre?