Monday, July 17, 2006

The feast

Stupid blogger keeps rotating this image for no apparent reason. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! Oh well, look at how yummy these are (yes, I made them)! Wait, you don't quite know how yummy they are yet - their full potential has not been revealed! They are cranberry and goat cheese scones!

Quiches are one of the best ways to have eggs in the morning says I. Omelettes are good too, and we had some of that also, but as it turns out, my photo documenting skills are sadly lacking (especially when I'm preoccupied with eating and drinking coffee).

Lots of fruit and mimosas, and in the corner, just sneaking into the picture, the most delicious of baklavas. Yes, it's a breakfast food now.

I made blue scones! Even with the golden top, they are definitely blue. The dough was smurf blue. I was wearing smurf mittens after manipulating it. Despite their blueness, the blackberry scones were quite yummy.


Kilometres said...

did the goat cheese make the scones blue? Is that why goat cheese is blue?

Your giant mimosas make me more than a little bit jealous btw.

Kilometres said...

Gnat! Responsible bloggers provide their readers with two things. Links to places that you can buy delicious coffee, and recipes for those of us who like to "do it at home".

gnat said...

ok... links and recipes pending.
the goat cheese scones aren't blue, the blackberry scones are blue.