Monday, July 03, 2006


We first went to Costa Rica's 3rd highest peak (somewhere in the range of 3280m) - Volcan Irazu - very cool. Not active for quite sometime, but having this sickly acid green pool in its crater and very Jurassic Park looking vegetation. So awesome.

And Volcano number 2 that we vistited, very recently active (less than a month ago!) had an extremely bizarre milk-coloured pool in its crater (any insights on this geology friends? I thought it was a steam cloud, but had no one to discuss with). Steaming away we could hear fumaroles blasting sulfur gas out (we could smell it too). Volcan Poas is at significantly lower elevation, somewhere around 2780m, and a most delicious coffee is grown on its nutrient rich slopes!

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Kilometres said...

Amazing! Gnat, go travel more so you can take more milk crater photos!