Monday, July 17, 2006

Coffee Tasting II

Our coffee selection this month came from the Salt Lake Roasting Company. Last month it was a variety of shade-grown organics that I ordered from various places on the internet. Being the good blogger that I am, it didn't even remotely occur to me to document Coffee Tasting I. Even though it was at my house. Anyway, our three coffees were Ethiopian Longberry, Gayo Mountain, and Bolivian.

Note the cute Mona Lisa cups that people got to drink out of. Hooray for Emarathoner for supplying the extra fun!

Hot Hands and I dive into some quiche and some baklava (he calls it balaclava). I think they make an excellent breakfast combination.

Emarathoner begins a well-deserved breakfast, starting with scones (she ran 10 miles before arriving!)

BMW brought the mimosas. Note the size. He called them 7-11 big gulp mimosas. Go big or go home, right?

I was able to sneak a photo of near comatose brunchees (not all pictured here, many refused to have their photo taken "so early in the morning" - meanwhile, Hot Hands, Emarathoner, and I all complained that we HAVE to do this earlier than 10am 'cause it's IMPOSSIBLE to hold out for coffee and food that long!!!)


Kilometres said...

Where is this? It's clearly not in your house, there's not enough random flashes of Gnat's personality.

But it does look like a good time. I'm a little jealous of all the shade grown deliciousness.

You have inspired me to have more breakfast parties.

Kilometres said...

That's a really nice photo of you and hot hands by the way.

It's good to see more Gnat on the blog lately. We like to see how you're doing too. :)

jakesdad said...

The next coffee tasting should be a little closer to Emarathoner's house. I mean 10 miles?! No wonder she was smiling at that yummy breakfast.

Gnat, it can't always be about you.

gnat said...

Ahhh, the irony. The coffee tasting was at Hot Hands' house - all of 5min away from Emarathoner's house, and about 10miles from mine!!! I drove, obviously. Can't waste precious eating energy!